Åboulevarden – Danske Bank – Danimarca

The building has soul and lovingly embraces everyone who walks up the grand staircase and into the house. It is a building you can only be captivated by.

Åboulevarden was built in 1910-12 and is listed as class 2 in Aarhus Municipality’s register. Today, the building houses Danske Bank’s financial centre and regional headquarters – and the building has always been devoted to the world of finance – first for Ny Jydske Kjøbstad-Creditforening, which later became part of Realkredit Danmark, which in turn was bought by Danske Bank. Stylistically, the building appears to be a mixture of Dutch Baroque and Danish Classicism in the style of Erichsen’s mansion on Kgs. Nytorv, built by C. F. Hartmann, the bourgeois pioneer of classicism in Denmark. In the gable bays, granite slabs with the names of Jutland market towns have been inserted above the small windows.

The building has proved its worth over the years. Beautiful materials have been used, which patinate and become more and more beautiful over the years. This is the type of house that has been a model for us in the new buildings we have built.