Bathings 2014

13 сентября 2014

<p>As usual, the new issue of Bathings collects and relates our latest experiences, the goals we’ve achieved, and above all the innovations we’ve introduced. It is the result of a year of hard work and determination aimed at presenting groundbreaking products to our partners.<br>
First of all, we’ve launched the new Sand collection, characterized by its sinuous beauty.<br>
On top of that, we’ve enriched with new elements our <a title=»Pura sanitaryware collection» href=»»>Pura</a> and <a title=»Classic sanitary ware collection» href=»»>Classic</a> collections, which have already met with huge success and acclaim on the international market.<br>
Secondly, we’ve introduced technical innovations such as the special <a title=»Extraglaze » href=»»>Extraglaze®</a>, which makes ceramic surfaces smoother, brighter, and more easily washable.<br>
Or our new line of toilet seats with an innovative <a title=»Quickrelease seat &amp; cover» href=»»><em>QuickRelease</em></a> installation and extraction system, which makes both fitting and cleaning faster and easier.<br>
Last but not least, the introduction of QR codes to support our customers: unprecedented in the ceramic sanitary ware industry, this brand-new tool allows anyone to access real-time technical information about our products online.<br>
And of course there have been new appointments, events, and fairs aimed at extending our network of relationships to other countries, especially in the Far East. It’s been a busy and intense year that we want to share with our partners and anyone who is interested in exploring the fascinating world of top-quality Italian ceramics.</p>