GSI has combined hygiene and elegance in its Dualglaze range, giving sanitaryware an original and distinctive touch. Dualglaze technology combines gloss and matt glazes in a range of products aimed at customers with an eye for detail and for innovation.
Where parts come into contact with water, the purity of the matt finish meets our Extraglaze® Antibacterial enamel, designed to prevent unhygienic lime deposits, a frequent phenomenon due to the porous nature of ceramic products having a single matt finish.

The smoothness of ceramic surfaces coated with Extraglaze® Antibacterial enamel reduces the friction encountered by water when the WC is flushed, enhancing its performance and significantly reducing water consumption.
The Extraglaze® Antibacterial/Swirlflush® double act further enhances the WC: efficient, quiet flushing, greater hygiene and cleanliness due to the rimless bowl.

Silky, tactile, sophisticated and stylish, the Dualglaze finish is a perfect ally for the soft lines of the Pura collection.

Matte glaze


Extraglaze® Antibacterial enamel

The advantages of Dualglaze Antibacterial

compared to a matte finish

Total Hygiene

Tested and certified for guaranteed 99.99% antibacterial action.

Greater Shininess

Protects from limescale and preserves the ceramic’s original shininess for much longer.

Quick Cleaning

Special antibacterial action makes cleaning easier and faster for normal hygiene.

Respect for the Environment

Surface smoothness means a smaller quantity of the product is needed for cleaning.