Cersaie 2015 Numbers

13 listopada 2015

This year at the international exhibition of ceramic for architecture and bathroom furnishing, we have decided to introduce a new element that appears to have been highly appreciated by our visitors. Besides presenting what we believe are the latest trends in the bathroom field, we have had the pleasure to show the “backstage” of an Italian company who believes in innovation from all points of view. We have presented some interesting new products as well as productive processes, which can improve the average quality level of our products, trying to meet the real needs of our customers. I’m thinking for example of Extraglaze® , the new ceramic glaze that enhances the added value to GSI products, a glaze that makes the surfaces much brighter , smoother and resistant to external agents and , therefore, easier to clean. Extraglaze® enhances the brightness and smoothness of the ceramic surfaces, the cleaning and the hygiene, freshness and pleasantness of contact with water. Despite the aggression of external agents, the ceramic surfaces remain bright and clean without any effort, stopping the signs of aging. As for the new products, the main novelty that has had a great success is no doubt the new Swirlflush® flushing system, which will be adopted by the pans of the latest collections. The most evident characteristic of the Swirlflush® system is the absence of the traditional edge, the rim, inside which, in a normal wc pan, the water circulates while flushing. The particular shape of the Swirlflush® system directs the water on the ceramic surfaces in a uniform manner ensuring an optimal cleaning and improving the flushing performance by reducing the noise. By not having hidden parts or parts difficult to reach, the Swirlflush® design also facilitates the cleaning of the sanitary. But as mentioned earlier, this year we have tried to involve the visitors at the booth, and more specifically our clients, showing them the activities behind the development of a functional product with quality. For this purpose, we created a series of video installations that demonstrate how carefully we perform functional testing and selection of our products, revealing to the public which technical obligations have to be respected in order to sell premium products, that are fit with the most demanding markets.   Discover the video Gallery. Watch the videos of our lab tests. Watch the video   Visitors Cersaie 2015: 101.809 Journalists: 499 Exhibitors: 872 GSI booth size: 250 mq *Data source: website cersaie.it