Cookies Policy

Below are the procedures for changing cookie settings and links to important pages in the major browsers.

Google Chrome select the Chrome menu icon > select Settings > select Show advanced settings at the bottom of the page > select Content settings in the Privacy section > select Allow local data storage > select End. For more information, please consult
Safari To set Safari to block cookies in iOS8, touch Settings > Safari > Block Cookies and select “Always allow”, “Only allow from visited websites”, “Only allow at this website” or “Always block”. For iOS7 or older, choose between “Never”, “From third parties or advertisers” or “Always”. For more details, please consult
Firefox Click on the menu button and select Options > select the Privacy panel > under Settings History: select the option Use personalised settings > To enable cookies, uncheck the option “Accept cookies from websites”; to disable, uncheck the option. See
Internet Explorer Click on the Tools button and then Internet Options > click on the Privacy tab and under Settings drag the bar up to block all cookies or down to allow all; then click OK. See
Opera – Preferences > Advanced > Cookies: These settings allow you to configure cookie handling in Opera. The default settings are to allow cookies. One of the following settings must be selected: “Accept cookies” will accept all cookies; “Accept cookies only from visited website” will reject third party cookies sent from domains other than the one currently visited; “Do not accept cookies” will reject all cookies. See