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GSI ceramics is one of the main leaders in the Italian and international ceramics sector, an innovative company and a point of reference for the bathroom furnishings sector.

Its activity dates back to the origins of the productive tradition of the ceramics district to which the company belongs, being able to face the challenges of the market over the years.

In this context the founders of the company have cleverly modelled traditional craftsmanship with evolving technical innovations in a Research and Development process based on a work ethic and value system which focuses on the human insight and know-how typical of Italian industry.

La tecnologia di oggi era impensabile cinquant’anni fa.
Ma la tecnica da sola non basta, serve una visione più ampia.

Rita Levi Montalcini

Thus, the fruitful relationship between entrepreneur, designer, worker, and management has triggered a virtuous cycle that allows us to offer products of a high standard of quality, according to what has become the creed of GSI ceramics: ‘Italian Made’.

Particularly in the 1990s, the company received its strongest push towards innovation, under the guidance of a renewed management, young and well-prepared. The team strongly believes in the launched development plan and are carrying out a growth policy that will ensure GSI ceramics continues to be a protagonist and interpreter of good Made in Italy products.

Il contesto

The local surroundings are rich in history, the cradle of the ancient Faliscan civilization, over which Monte Soratte looms in solitary majesty.

It is a region that has always fascinated poets, painters and hermits with its countryside that is both harsh and mild at the same time: the deep ravines carved out by running waters, the contrasts between the red tuff and the green of the luxuriant vegetation, the small towns clinging to hilltops have been evoked in verse, painting and spiritual meditations.

This earthy magic, a suggestive charm suspended between yellow, ochre and emerald has remained unchanged and continues to delight visitors to this day.

Wherever a river runs, a civilization rises. Water is a giver of life and humans exploit its impetuous energy.

Water makes it possible to mould the earth and create new forms. This fusion between solid and liquid is a precious alliance between ancestral continuity and ceaseless change.

Blended and dosed with great skill, water and earth coexist harmonically in the forms of manufactures. Here in our countryside ceramics have been produced for millennia: with earth and water sealed by fire.

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Company premises covering an area 110,000 square meters.


Company premises covering an indoor area of 60,000 square meters.


190 employees.


Our products exported to 100 countries in all 5 continents.

with a knowledgeable
we are able to create
a high quality product


GSI believes in innovation, because it knows that cutting-edge technology improves the quality of the product. But ours is a company aware of the fact that without the human factor – that is, without the heart, the mind, and the hands of those who go to the factory every day – no technology would be able to give shape and substance to the project.