Dual Glaze+

Best Product and Best Brand
of the Year 2022


Plus x award 2022

GSI Ceramica’s Dual Glaze+ was honoured by the jury of the Plus X Award for: Innovation, high quality, design and functionality
In addition, it received a very special seal of quality as ‘Best Product of the Year 2022’.
At the same time, the jurors, partners, ambassadors and organisers of the Plus x award gave GSI Ceramica the “Best brand of the year 2022” award in the product category “Ceramic WCs”.

Discover all Dual Glaze+ sanitary ware

Dual Glaze+ is the special treatment that GSI applies to coloured WCs equipped with a Swirlflush® flushing system.

GSI has combined hygiene and elegance in its Dualglaze range, giving sanitaryware an original and distinctive touch. Dualglaze technology combines gloss and matt glazes in a range of products aimed at customers with an eye for detail and for innovation.
Where parts come into contact with water, the purity of the matt finish meets our Extraglaze® Antibacterial enamel, designed to prevent unhygienic lime deposits, a frequent phenomenon due to the porous nature of ceramic products having a single matt finish.

The smoothness of ceramic surfaces coated with Extraglaze® Antibacterial enamel reduces the friction encountered by water when the WC is flushed, enhancing its performance and significantly reducing water consumption.
The Extraglaze® Antibacterial/Swirlflush® double act further enhances the WC: efficient, quiet flushing, greater hygiene and cleanliness due to the rimless bowl.

Dual Glaze+ technology is available in GSi ceramics’ original colour element finishes:

Extraglaze® Antibacterial enamel

Matt Glaze

With Extraglaze® Antibacterial, GSI combines the properties of Extraglaze® anti-limescale glaze with the strength of the antibacterial action of Silver and Titanium that ensures an ISO 22196-certified antibacterial action.
The new ceramic sanitaryware glaze performs the dual function of minimising surface irregularities in ceramics while making them more hygienic: it prevents limescale deposits, leaves ceramic surfaces shinier, facilitates routine cleaning and reduces bacterial load by 99.99%.


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