Sustainable Development

Our commitment to sustainable development

GSI ceramics has always had the utmost respect for its surroundings and for those who make a daily contribution to the company’s growth and development, working with commitment, perseverance and honesty.
GSI believes in innovation, because it knows that cutting-edge technology improves product quality. Above all, we are aware that without the human factor, i.e. without the heart, head and hands of those who go into the factory every day, there is no technology that could give real shape and substance to a project.
In an area rich in history, cradle of the ancient Faliscan civilisation, in a landscape that is gentle yet rugged, GSI carries out its activities and seeks the best formula for coexistence with the environment, seeking to minimise its impact and contribute to improving the conditions of the site it stands on.

Over time, the respect we have for people and places has turned into a commitment to sustainable development, which can today be seen in our efforts to fully comply with international ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) standards.
Respect for the environment, social wellbeing and optimal business management processes in the medium and long term are the three keystones for building a future that combines development with a respectful relationship with the ecosystem, appropriate for a company that is very much part of the Made in Italy brand.

GSI has sought and obtained certification of its Sustainability Management System in compliance with: ESG – SDG Rating: 2022

ESG – SDGs Rathing: 2022

For the design, production and sale of sanitary appliances and for the sale of bathroom furnishing products.

Water use efficiency

Great focus has been placed on reducing water consumption, not only in production processes but also when creating optimal performance products, using technologies that also help end users to reduce their consumption levels.

Our packaging

GSI is also committed to searching for the best raw materials for its packaging, preferring materials that come from recycled sources and have the lowest possible impact.
In an effort to minimise the impact of its products, GSI always tries to use recyclable materials, as part of a more general effort to reduce waste and make a more efficient use of resources.

Shrink film sealing
Material: LDPE 4
Disposal type: Plastic (check local laws)

Material: FE 40
Disposal type: Metal (check local laws)

Material: PP 5
Disposal type: Plastic (check local law)

Adhesive tape
Material: PP 5
Disposal type: Plastic (check local law)

Material: PAP 20
Disposal type: Paper (check local laws)

Material: FOR 50
Disposal type: Wood (check local laws)

EPS (Polystyrene)
Material: PS 6
Disposal type: Plastic (Check local law)

Bubble wrap
Material: LDPE 4
Disposal type: Plastic (check local law)