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Extraglaze® Antibacterial

Extraglaze® Antibacterial is a new ceramic glaze specially formulated for GSI ceramic sanitaryware.

With Extraglaze® Antibacterial, GSI combines the properties of Extraglaze® anti-scale enamel with the antibacterial strength of Silver and Titanium, ensuring antibacterial action complying with standard ISO 22196.

This new sanitaryware glaze serves a dual purpose: to minimize the unevenness of ceramic surfaces and make them more hygienic. This new technology prevents limescale deposition, makes ceramic surfaces brighter, facilitates routine cleaning and reduces the bacterial load by 99.99%.

Extraglaze® Antibacterial is not a surface treatment applied to sanitary ware at the end of the production cycle but an integral part of the product, a total fusion that envelops and protects GSI sanitary ware. The enamel is applied to all GSI products: washbasins, toilets, bidets and urinals.

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Swirlflush® is GSI ceramics’ innovative patented rimless drainage system.

The most important feature of this system is the absence of the traditional rim in which, in a standard toilet, the draining water flows.

The particular shape of the Swirlflush® system does direct the water onto the ceramic surfaces in an even way thus ensuring perfect cleansing and better draining performance.

Its design makes cleaning routines very easy thanks to the lack of hidden surfaces. Swirlflush® system combined with Extraglaze® antibacterial ceramic coating, makes the surfaces extremely smooth thus ensuring an easy to achieve  hygiene with very little effort.

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Dualglaze+ is the special treatment that GSI applies to coloured toilets with a Swirlflush® flushing system.

GSI has combined hygiene and elegance in its Dualglaze range, giving sanitaryware an original and distinctive touch. Dualglaze technology combines gloss and matt glazes in a range of products aimed at customers with an eye for detail and for innovation.

Where parts come into contact with water, the purity of the matt finish meets our Extraglaze® Antibacterial enamel, designed to prevent unhygienic lime deposits, a frequent phenomenon due to the porous nature of ceramic products having a single matt finish.

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Matte glaze

Extraglaze® Antibacterial glossy enamel

Tested up to 400 kg

All GSI products are subjected to load tests according to industry standards.

To pass the test, wall-hung sanitary ware must withstand at least 400 kg of weight for 90 minutes and washbasins must withstand a weight of at least 150 kg for 60 minutes.

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Quickrelease and Softclose

GSI sanitary seats & cover are equipped with a quick coupling system.

The “Quick-Re­lease” sys­tem is dis­tin­guished by the sim­plic­ity with which it al­lows to pull out the seat & cover in a sim­ple way and with­out the use
of any kind of tool.

Sim­ply pull the seat & cover up us­ing a suf­fi­cient force for its re­moval. This will make it pos­si­ble to clean the toi­let seat and even the wc in ar­eas that are usu­ally dif­fi­cult to reach, grant­ing a ma­jor hy­giene.

Repo­si­tion­ing the seat & cover is as sim­ple; once placed on the hinges, it will be will be suf­fi­cient to em­ploy a rel­a­tively weak pres­sure.

Match­ing up with the Soft­close sys­tem, the GSI seat & cov­ers reach lev­els of ef­fi­ciency and com­fort never reached be­fore.

The Soft­close sys­tem pre­dis­poses the seat & cover for a slow clos­ing. This will pre­vent ac­ci­den­tal falls and vi­o­lent clo­sures of the seat & cover, pre­vent­ing dam­ages.

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