WClean Smart Toilet

WClean – a new Smart toilet

WClean is a new smart toilet concept that combines a bidet and a WC in a single product.
Years of research and development have made it possible to merge the best Korean technology with the functionality of many patented extra features and with the elegant aesthetics that distinguish GSI sanitary ware.
The electronic bidet is the beating heart of WClean, designed to meet the requirements of both private residences and contracted environments.
A stainless steel nozzle provides intimate hygiene, while drying is performed by a high efficiency device.
The “automatic bowl draining” function and the lime scaleremover make WClean both reliable and hygienic.

The evolution of the smart toilet

The suspended sanitary unit is the result of a long study that led to the creation of a technically flawless and totally functional product.
Neutral and spare lines accommodate different needs in the composition of the bathroom environment.

Main Features

WClean is designed as a modular system.
The electronic bidet module, which can very easily be installed or replaced like a cartridge, is inserted into the sanitary unit from above and is completely detached from its casing and from the seat.

Wide range of finishes

Comfort for all

Save and recall your custom settings.

WClean allows you to set your favorite water pressure and nozzle position and recall it during every use.

Specifically designed also to take care of the youngest members of the family.

Comfort for everyone with gentle water jet pressure and a forward nozzle position.

Cleaning functions

Customise your experience with the ability to select the nozzle position, adjust the water pressure and temperature to your preferences.

For optimal feminine hygiene, a gentle water jet has been developed, ensuring gentle and thorough cleaning. Full customisation allows you to find the ideal configuration for maximum comfort.

The Smart Toilet offers two water jet intensities to suit every need. The warm air drying function with an air jet adjustable in temperature and intensity completes the experience, ensuring well-being and convenience.

Advanced technology

WClean’s functions have been accurately selected and optimized in order to provide customers the best possible experience.
Hygiene, functionality, sustainability and practicality are the key words that make WClean a cutting edge product.ct.

Integrated energy-saving features

Always keep your selected energy saving option under control.

Automatic cleansing of the nozzle

The nozzle is washed before and after each use.
The nozzle can also be washed manually or with the dedicated programme.

Anti-lime function

Deep cleaning thanks to an effective programme for lime scale removal.
Uses the decalcifying liquid Durgol® especially developed on the basis of water hardness.

LED Night light

A tiny light under the bowl will guide you to find your WClean at night.
Choose your favorite color. 5 colors of intensities, 5 Levels of brightness.

Advanced Functionality

The electronic bidet module, which can very easily be installed or replaced like a cartridge, is inserted into the sanitary unit from above and is completely detached from its casing and from the seat.
This hygienic and innovative modular system makes it easy to upgrade with future models of electronic bidets without necessarily having to replace the seat and the WC.

Automatic water renewal and tank draining

WClean comes with 2 new innovative functions for the best personal comfort. Always uses fresh water thanks to automatic water renewal after 5 days of non-use.
Before an extended period of non-use, press the Stop button to empty the tank, when using again, press a personal hygiene button to refill the tank.

Radar sensor

Smart activation of functions. Detects the user within a range of 50-60 cm from WClean.

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