Discover the benefits of an optimized drain-system:
Technical quality and practical efficiency in a revolutionary drain system, Swirlflush®.

The most important feature of this system is the absence of the traditional rim in which, in a standard toilet, the draining water flows.

The particular shape of the Swirlflush® system does direct the water onto the ceramic surfaces in an even way thus ensuring perfect cleansing and better draining performance.

Its design makes cleaning routines very easy thanks to the lack of hidden surfaces. Swirlflush® system combined with Extraglaze® antibacterial ceramic coating, makes the surfaces extremely smooth thus ensuring an easy to achieve  hygiene with very little effort.

Maximum hygiene:  Total lack of the traditional rim in which, in a standard toilet, draining water flows.

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Easy to clean: smooth surfaces extremely easy to clean, perfect hygiene guaranteed.

Extremely quiet: Swirlflush® new drain system with a noise level of just 64dB, is extremely quiet during the draining performance.

The advantages of SwirlFlush®

Compared with traditional flushing


The new rinse system
minimizes noise during flushing.

Total Hygiene

This WC does not have a rim, the edge beneath which water flows in a traditional normal lavatory. This prevents the formation of limescale and the depositing of bacteria.

Quick Cleaning

The Swirlflush® design has no hidden parts, and thus routine cleaning operations are made easier.

Respect for the Environment

This lavatory flushes using less water thanks to the particular shape of ceramic parts making contact with water.

Swirlflush Test #1/5 Ink test
Swirlflush Test #2/5 Sawdust test
Swirlflush Test #3/5 Paper test
Swirlflush Test #4/5 Plastic balls test
Swirlflush Test #5/5 After-flush test