Augmented Reality for your bathroom

Augmented Reality for your bathroom

We are excited to present to you our new, revolutionary 3D visualization tool, bringing augmented reality to bathroom furnishings. This innovative and immersive tool will completely transform your browsing experience, allowing you to virtually insert the GSI products you most desire into the physical space of your bathroom.

Imagine you want a new washbasin or new sanitaryware, but are finding it difficult to visualize how they will fit into your bathroom.
With our 3D visualization and augmented reality tool, you will no longer have this problem. You will have a very realistic view of how the chosen product will fit perfectly into your bathroom, as if it were there with you.

Our augmented reality technology will allow you to rotate, move and zoom in on your chosen product, showing it from every angle, so you can make an informed and certain purchasing decision.

We are pleased to offer you this innovative solution, which makes for a new and engaging experience when purchasing products for your bathroom.

Augmented Reality for your bathroom

Easy to use, usable on all devices

Easy to use, usable on all devices

Our Augmented Reality tool has been designed to be easily used by anyone, on any device, without having to install additional programs or apps.

To ensure a complete experience, we have created a link that allows you to access Augmented Reality even when you start browsing on a desktop PC.

If you are browsing on a desktop computer, you can continue to explore the product you are interested in simply by scanning a QR code using your mobile device.

When you are on the desktop computer, click on the “Activate AR” button to display a QR code; this will take you directly to the page of the displayed product. From there, you can continue browsing on your smartphone or tablet, and insert the product in the virtual copy of your real-life bathroom.

We are proud to offer you an intuitive and simple Augmented Reality experience, allowing you to fully tap the potential of this innovative technology on all your devices.

Try the new feature now with GSI’s sanitaryware collections


Rigour, lightness and versatility: these are the main features of the Nubes collection. A refined collection of cutting-edge products from both a stylistic and technological point of view, for demanding customers seeking a contemporary aesthetic. The distinguishing features of Nubes washbasins are their squareness and inherent versatility, provided by a dual fascia profile, allowing a wall-mounted, built-in or shelf-mounted installation. The edge of the basin, just eight centimetres of which are...

Discover the sanitaryware collection: Nubes

Kube X

Kube X emerged out of contemporary trend to develop rectangular forms with pared down lines and slender edges. From the larger sizes down to the smallest, the collection offers square washbasins with many installation options: wall hung, on a countertop or on a mobile support. In addition, the line of washbasins includes two round countertop basins, two rectangular built-in basins, all with very slender edges. Wall hung sanitary ware come in extremely essential lines and are equipped with the technical...

Discover the sanitaryware collection: Kube X


Norm is GSI’s min­i­mal­ist of­fer­ing, for the client with taste who appreciates simplicity. It is a simple range with nothing superfluous, nothing or­na­men­tal. Its mul­ti­ple di­men­sions and func­tion­al­ity com­prise a sanitary range which can be customised to meet a wide range of spaces and requirements. Once combined with accessories and fixtures, this range creates a pleasing, functional elegant and minimal bathroom space.

Discover the sanitaryware collection: Norm


The Pura col­lec­tion is char­ac­ter­ized by ra­tio­nal de­sign and styl­ish el­e­gance. Con­ser­v­a­tive shapes that skill­fully bal­ance straight lines and soft round­ing are the re­sult of a long de­sign and de­vel­op­ment process. The un­der­stated pu­rity of the lines gives the prod­ucts in this range a con­tem­po­rary el­e­gance and a touch of lux­ury and re­fine­ment that fits with the sim­ple but taste­ful style of GSI.

Discover the sanitaryware collection: Pura


Modo is the premium economy collection consisting of two pairs of sanitaryware items, wall-mounted and freestanding, characterized by their curvy forms. Products that are neutral yet make a great impact, and can find a home in different settings, allowing countless combinations with washbasins of different shapes and installation types. Modo is aimed at a customer target that needs to weigh up purchase choices in both quantitative and qualitative terms. The sanitaryware in this collection has all...

Discover the sanitaryware collection: Modo


The Classic collection exudes GSI’s interpretation of elegance through the immediately recognizable stylistic traits of this product range: the classic shape of the washbasins, toilets and bidets, the products have bal­anced, har­mo­nious shapes with ob­vi­ous neo­clas­si­cal in­spi­ra­tion. These are time­less prod­ucts, which can fur­nish the bath­room recre­at­ing tra­di­tional at­mos­phere of styl­ish el­e­gance, and to evoke new forms of ro­man­ti­cism as re­flected...

Discover the sanitaryware collection: Classic


The new City sanitaryware collection is your gateway to the rich selection of bathroom furnishing solutions offered by GSI ceramica. High-quality products for demanding customers that are well aware of the value of their purchases. A stylish all-Italian collection with two washbasin lines, wall-mounted, in-built or mounted on tops, and two lines of matching sanitaryware, wall-mounted or freestanding. The Wc's are available with a Quick Release toilet seat and a Soft Close or standard closure...

Discover the sanitaryware collection: City


Community is GSI Ceramica’s proposal for public or collective bathroom environments. The collection features a line of products designed for people with reduced mobility and is completed by a bidet and a wall mounted Wc with the Swirlflush® flushing system and different models of urinals. The prod-ucts are covered with Extraglaze Antibacterial glaze, a special finishing with silver and titanium ions that reduces bacteria counts by 99.99%.

Discover the sanitaryware collection: Community


GSI Ceramica's H2 ceramic shower trays are the answer to the widely felt need for shower trays with reduced thickness and a truly minimal design. The H2 collection allows you to create elegant and refined bathrooms thanks to the possibility of cutting the shower tray to any size, if necessary even where the tray will be laid. Thanks to the wide range of H2 shower tray sizes and finishes, you can make your bathroom unique by choosing customized and top quality products. In this way you can furnish...

Discover the sanitaryware collection: H2


GSI ceramica's H4 ceramic shower tray proposal represents the right compromise in terms of thickness. It is precisely the shower tray thickness of 4 cm that distinguishes this product line from the other GSI collections, namely the <a href="">3 cm thick Compstone resin shower trays</a> and the <a href="">H2...

Discover the sanitaryware collection: H4


GSI ceramics H4,5 shower trays offer is wide and varied: 9 shower trays all different in shape and size to meet the needs of countless bathroom’s customization. An offer that starts with the 120 cm shower tray to the smallest of the range with 80 cm. They all come in a rectangular and square shape all of them fitted with non-slip ceramic texture. The H4,5 shower trays can be installed to raised or flush with the floor.

Discover the sanitaryware collection: H4,5


Highly resistant, non-porous, homogeneous, Compstone combines the mechanical properties of both stone and resin resulting in a workable product. In fact, the shower tray lends itself particularly well to milling and cutting, making it possible to obtain any size down to the tiniest millimetre. In case the shower tray is embedded, perfect 90° angles on all the edges ensure a flawless placement level with the floor. Finally, the sophisticated surface which is reminiscent of natural stone guarantees...

Discover the sanitaryware collection: Compstone