Bathings 2021

November 4, 2021

Dear Readers,
never before has there been a time when it was so important to question our priorities, to rethink what it means to belong to a community, meet new challenges, improve the spaces we live and work in.
The past months have been like an earthquake that initially destabilized us but, as time went on, brought out our best qualities of resilience, perseverance, patience.
Qualities that here at GSI we have always had as an example from the person who led us until recently. With this same entrepreneurial spirit we are renewing our commitment to technological innovation that encompasses the entire production chain, creating new products that are marked by both technical and stylistic excellence.
Among these is the recently created Nubes, a refined contemporary collection, the new glossy finishes in the Color Elements tones and the new sanitary ware in the collection Modo.
The following pages also feature precious advice by three interior designers who have three different approaches to the project. The beauty of Villa Igiea, one of the best examples of Sicilian liberty style, thanks to the Rocco Forte touch, is again shining over
the Mediterranean.
Finally, there is Quotidiana, the new line of lamps, homage to the everyday patience that characterized the work of painter Giorgio Morandi: “patience means having lived, having thought, having ‘resisted’: with modesty, forbearance, but without rebelling or being indifferent or in despair; as if, inside this patience, one was waiting, in spite of everything, for a kind of enrichment; almost as if patience made it possible to quietly permeate the only light that counts.”
Happy reading!
The Editors